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Courses on topics like: Photoshop, Lightroom, Portraiture, Portrait Gear, Portrait Retouching, Black and White Photography and more!

Lightroom Classic Essentials

Learn how to harness the power of Lightroom Classic with this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course. Follow along and work with the downloadable course images as Chris explains...
$150 included
Work Faster in Lightroom

Lightroom Classic is the world’s most popular editing tool because it’s powerful and easy to use. And in this course, you will discover tips that can help you approach common t...
$45 included
Photoshop 101: The Essentials

Photoshop can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this course, you’ll learn all the basic functionality and shortcuts for Photoshop, and a roadmap...
$75 included
Photoshop 201: Beyond the Basics

In this course, you’ll learn some of the most important techniques you’ll need to create masterpieces in Photoshop. From exposure corrections and masking, through to quickly cha...
$75 included
Photoshop 301: Advanced Techniques

Gain a complete mastery of the tools and tricks of Photoshop. We’re going to take all the basic skills you’ve learned in the earlier courses, and maximize their potential. I’...
$45 included
Work Faster in Photoshop

Learn my top tips and practical advice so that can help you work faster and smarter in Photoshop! Learn how to use smart filters, adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, brush sizes...
$45 included
How to Create Better Black and White Photos

Converting and image to black and white can be a powerful way to create an expressive image. In this course you will learn how to make stronger and more compelling black and whi...
$35 included
Perfect Portrait Lens

The photographic gear that will most directly affect your portraits isn’t the camera, but rather its the lens. In this course, Chris will share the wisdom he has learned through over...
$75 included
Perfect Portrait Gear

Learn what lenses are best for the portraits you want to create. In this course, I - a photographer whose portraits have been featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to The New Y...
$25 included
Photographing Family and Kids

Discover how to turn your interest in family photography into a money-making venture. From finding your style to booking a shoot, this course can help you start (or improve) a p...
$35 included
Photographing and Environmental Portraits in a Landscape

In this course, we will go out on location for a live photoshoot at a beautiful coastal location. While on location you will learn about everything you need to know to capture s...
$15 included
Outdoor Adventure Portraits

This course is not just about going outside to take photos. It’s about thinking outside of the normal parameters of portraiture. I’ll take you through my entire philosophy on taking meaningful images; that tell stories.
$150 included
Portrait Retouching 101

Want to improve your portraits, so that your subjects look their best? Well you've come to the right place. In this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course you will learn how to beg...
$150 included
How to ignite your inner creativity

The IGNITE program is designed for those who want to live in more creative ways. You can think of it as your own personal creative inspiration toolkit. The bundled program conta...
$45 included
Portrait Retouching Projects: 3 Start to Finish Post-Production Projects

In this course, we’ll focus in on how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to perfect our photos. By going through 3 start-to-finish projects you’ll learn how to enhance, fix and perfect your portraits.
$35 included
Photographing and Environmental Portraits in an Industrial Location

Learning how to work with locations is a skill every portrait photographer needs to learn. In this course we will go out on location and talk about capturing images in an indust...
$15 included
Portrait Retouching Project: Improving a Studio Portrait

Learn how to use Photoshop to add eye-catching style to your portrait photography.
$35 included
Advanced Portrait Retouching Projects

This course is designed to show you a range of techniques in real world start-to-finish projects. Follow along and work on the image yourself (downloadable course files included) so that you can learn how to achieve a more professional and more beautiful retouching results.
$35 included

What You'll Learn

The SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP includes my full curriculum! I’ll teach you to be confident and inspired every time you shoot and how to make your photo look awesome in Lightroom and Photoshop.

No matter how long you’ve been doing photography, I'm confident that my training can help!

  • Learn how to shoot, edit and retouch stunning photos every time.
  • Unlock inspiration every time you have a camera in your hands.


This subscription is for you if…

You'd love to learn how to edit like a pro!

You enjoy photography and want to elevate your craft!

You want to learn how to capture and create more compelling frames!


Here is a summary of everything you get:

These courses:

  • Lightroom Classic Essentials
  • Work Faster in Lightroom
  • Photoshop 101: The Essentials
  • Photoshop 201: Beyond the Basics
  • Photoshop 301: Advanced Techniques
  • Work Faster in Photoshop
  • Free Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials
  • How to Create Better Black and White Photos
  • Perfect Portrait Lens
  • Perfect Portrait Gear
  • Photographing Family and Kids
  • Photographing Environmental Portraits in an Industrial Location
  • Photographing Environmental Portraits in a Landscape
  • Portrait Retouching 101
  • How to ignite your inner creativity
  • Portrait Retouching Projects: 3 Start to Finish Post-Production Projects
  • Portrait Retouching Project: Improving a Studio Portrait
  • Advanced Portrait Retouching Projects
  • Outdoor Adventure Portraits



Hi, I'm Chris! I'm a down-to-earth family man based in Santa Barbara California. I have a deep passion for helping others to awaken the artist within so they can create their best work and make a difference in the world.

In case you want a more formal bio... here's a bio someone wrote about me:

Chris is a highly respected, reviewed and celebrated teacher who speaks regularly at conferences nationally and internationally at conferences like The Portrait Masters, Photo Plus, WPPI, Photoville, LACP Exposure, Palm Springs Photo Festival, Adobe MAX (5x MAX master - Adobe's highest honor), Imaging USA and more. Chris has been invited to speak at Google, lead creative imaging seminars at Facebook and represented Adobe at major conferences.

Chris Orwig is a best-selling author, photographer, and teacher who blends a down-to-earth approach with technical expertise.

Having authored 7 books on Lightroom, Photoshop and Photography, taught at the college level for 12 years and authored over 100 online tutorials (totaling more than 5000 hours), Chris knows his stuff.

But more importantly, he knows what matters most. After having survived a near-death rock climbing incident in his teens, Chris realized that life is a gift and that the camera is the perfect tool for savoring and celebrating the time that we have.

Whether capturing photographs, teaching or writing books, Chris strives to inspire others to become more creative and lead more meaningful lives.


"Chris Orwig is an incredible photographer and an awesome educational resource to other photographers. Being in class with Chris was so enlightening and his enthusiasm for life is evident in his teaching and photographs. His portrait video series is one of my favorites!"


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