Lightroom Classic Essentials

Lightroom Classic Essentials


Learn everything you need to know to begin to use Lightroom like a pro.

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What You'll Learn

Learn how to harness the power of Lightroom Classic with this easy-to-follow and enjoyable course.

Follow along and work with the downloadable course images as Chris explains and demonstrates how to do things like: import images into Lightroom, fix exposure, crop images, remove blemishes, enhance color, and so much more.

In no time, you will be on your way to creating professional-level results yourself!


Sneak Peak


Lightroom Classic Essentials


Work Fast and Create Better Photographs

Listen to a quick welcome from Chris and catch a glimpse of a few of the many topics that will be covered in the course.

Using and Importing the Course Images

Discover how to use the downloadable course images.

Which Lightroom Should I use

There are now 2 versions of Lightroom. Listen as Chris discusses the pros and cons of each.

Importing Photos From a Folder

The first step to a successful Lightroom workflow is properly importing your photographs. Follow along with Chris so you can get this right every time.

Importing Photos From a Camera or Media Card

Learn a few best practice steps when importing images from a camera or media card.

How Does Lightroom Keep Track of Your Images

Lightroom uses a "Catalog" to manage all your photos. Learn about what a Catalog is and why it's important.

Viewing Your Photos with the Grid and Loupe View

Learn how to quickly change between the Loupe and Grid view so that you can take an up-close look at an image or view small thumbnails.

Using Lights Out and Full Screen View Modes

In Lightroom, you can minimize or even hide the interface by using Lights out or Fullscreen mode. Let's take a look at how this works.

Viewing Multiple Images at Once

When you want to compare or view multiple images at once, all you need to do is find the right controls. Watch as Chris show you how it's done.

Customizing View Options

Learn the essential ways that you can customize the Lightroom interface.

56 additional lessons


Adding With Flags Stars and Labels

Learn how to quickly add flags, stars and labels to your best photographs.

Filtering by Flag Rating or Label

Learn how to use flags, stars and labels as a way to separate the keepers from the rest.

Fasttrack with Shortcuts

Learn the most important shortcut keyboard commands for adding flags, stars and labels.

Creating a Collection to Group Images Together

Learn how to harness the power of Collections so that you can work group together quickly.

The Advantage of Collections

Discover the advantage of using Collections when organizing your archive of photographs.

Collection Housekeeping

Learn how to maintain and manage your Collections.

Using Smart and Targeted Collections

Explore the benefits of Smart and Targeted Collections and see how they can help you speed up your workflow.

Correcting Exposure Problems

It's easy to get the exposure wrong when you're capturing a photograph. Yet fortunately, it's even easier to correct any exposure issues. Watch as Chris shows you how.

Modifying and Improving Color

Learn how to modify and improve color with the Temp/Tint sliders, White Balance Tool, Vibrance and Saturation.

Changing Contrast Texture and Clarity

Watch how changing contrast, texture and clarity can add visual interest to your photos.

Increasing Color with Vibrance and Saturation

Make the colors in your images really come to life with the Vibrance and Saturation controls.

Viewing Before and After Previews

Discover how to view (and review) your progress by using different techniques to view before and after views of your images.

Cropping Your Photographs

Learn how to access and use the crop tool in order to fix problems or improve the composition.

Applying Previous Setting to Current Image

One of the most commonly overlooked and most powerful buttons in Lightroom is the "Previous" button. Learn how to use this in order to speed up how to process and improve your images.

Synchronizing Adjustments to Multiple Images

Learn how to batch process multiple images at once.

Transform and Synchronize Settings

Discover how to synchronize settings across multiple photos.

Transforming the Image Orientation

Learn how to flip your images vertically or horizontally using Transform.

Fine Tuning Exposure Problems

Discover how to fine tune and correct common exposure issues like clipped highlights and shadows.

Expand Your Creativity with Virtual Copies

Once you learn how to use Virtual Copies you will use them all the time as they will help you to unlock your creativity. Learn how it's done in this quick movie.

Creating Better Black and White Landscapes

Create stronger, better and more interesting black and white landscape photos by using the B&W panel and controls.

Creating Better Black White Portraits

Using the techniques we learned in the previous movie, let's create a better black and white portrait.

Resetting the Image

When you've made a mistake and want to reset the image to it's original settings, there is a simple technique you can use. Let me show you how it's done.

Learning How to Use the Spot Removal Tool

Retouch and fix your photos with surprising ease by using the Spot Removal tool.

Removing Spots From Dust on Lens

Did you forget to clean off your lens? No problem, remove any spots using Lightroom's retouching tools.

Retouching Away Linear Objects

Retouch away linear objects (like powerline) is a breeze as long as you know this hidden and secret technique. Let me show you how it's done.

Spot Healing Tips

Sometimes the Spot Removal tool makes mistakes. Discover how to fix these problems in this movie.

Improving Skin in Portraits

Learn how to clean up and retouch away skin blemishes.

Editing with Lightroom and Photoshop

When it comes to retouching, sometimes Lightroom isn't enough and you have to go to Photoshop to finish the job. So let's learn how we can use Lightroom and Photoshop together to make our photos lo...

Using the Radial Filter to Improve Eyes

When it comes to finding the perfect tool to improve the eyes in a portrait, that tool is the Radial filter. Let me show you how it works.

Improving the Light and Color with the Radial Filter

Discover how to improve multiple areas and multiple aspects of a photo by using the Radial filter in a more advanced way.

Painting in Corrections with the Adjustment Brush

Learn how to brush or paint in changes to your photographs.

Making Gradual Adjustments with the Graduated Filter

When you need to improve a large area of a photo, you can use the Graduated Filter. Let's take a look at how it works.

Fine Tuning Color with the HSL Controls

Follow along with Chris as you learn how to fine tune color with the HSL controls.

Modify Color with HSL

Modify, change and improve specific colors with the HSL controls.

Creating a Split Toned Image

Learn how to add a colorized or split-toned look to your images using the Split Toning controls.

Sharpening Your Photos

All digital images need a certain amount of sharpening. So let's explore how we can sharpen our photos in order to achieve professional level results.

Reducing Digital Noise

Even images that are captured in "perfect" light can have noise. So let's look at how we can reduce and remove noise without much effort at all.

Fixing a High ISO Image

When a photograph is captured at a higher ISO setting, it can result in noticeable and unwanted noise. Learn how to deal with that so the noise doesn't detract from the impact of the frame.

Lens Corrections

Learn how to correct color fringing or remove unwanted distortion issues.

Correcting Perspective

When photographing buildings or locations, you can sometimes shoot in a way that the image appears distorted. Learn how to correct these common perspective issues.

Using the Upright Controls

The Upright controls give you an advanced on screen method for straightening and correcting your images. Follow along as we make some major changes and improvements to this image.

Removing Distortion

When using wide angle lenses it can create unflattering and unwanted barrel distortion. Fortunately, we can fix this in a few simple steps. Let me show you how.

Adding or Removing Lens Vignetting

One way to add creative style to your photos is with the Vignette controls. Let's crop an image and then add a vignette.

Creating a Manual Vignette

Let me show you how you can create an even more advanced Vignette by creating it from scratch.

Creating a Unique Look with the Film Grain Controls

Adding film grain to a digital image can be an interesting way to craft a unique look. Let's explore how we can, using the grain controls.

Building a Pano Image

Learn how to build a panoramic image out of a sequence of frames that Lightroom stitches together.

Creating a Book Project

Choose some of your favorite images and use the Book module to create a book layout that you can print or order online.

Making a Slideshow

Learn how to build a slideshow so that you can share your photos with others.

Printing Your Images

Perfect the process of making a print by learning how to work with the Print module.

Printing a Contact Sheet

Create a quick contact sheet so that you can view printed thumbnails of your photos.

Exporting Photographs

Learn how to export your work so you can deliver it to clients and friends.

Creating and Using Exporting Presets

Create your own custom presets so that you can export your images more quickly.

Fixing Folders

Learn how to fix the most common folder problems that you might face.

Finding Lost Images

It's easier than you think to "lose" a photo in Lightroom. So in this movie, I'll show you how you can fix this common problem.

Synchronizing a Folder

Make sure your folders are up to date by going through the process of Synchronizing the folder.

Lightroom Classic Essentials


Learn everything you need to know to begin to use Lightroom like a pro.


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