• Capture Better Portraits

    This course provides you with a thorough explanation and demonstration of how to work with lenses in order to capture better portraits.

  • Strengthen Your Understanding

    The gear that most indirectly shapes and affects the type of portraits you create is the lens. Learn more about using them to improve your craft.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone who enjoys people photography. Whether you are an amateur or pro, this course will provide you with insight that will translate into making better frames.


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  • 2
    Ch 2 - Focal Length Intro
  • 3
    Ch 3 - Focal Length Details
    • Using a Wide Angle Lens
    • Shooting with a Normal focal length
    • Working with a Telephoto lens
  • 4
    Ch 04 - Camera Angle
    • Introducing Camera Angle FREE PREVIEW
    • Capturing a full length portraits with a wide angle lens
    • Creating good portraits with a normal focal length lens
    • Getting the up close headshot with a telephoto lens
  • 5
    Ch 5 - Depth of Field Intro
  • 6
    Ch 6 - Depth of Field Details
    • How f-stop affects DOF
    • How focal length affects DOF
    • How camera distance affects DOF
    • Removing distractions in the background
    • Capturing a low light portrait
    • Practing shooting with a low DOF in open shade
  • 7
    Ch 7 -Finding the right lens
    • Lens basics
    • What's better - Prime or Zoom?
    • Great lenses at affordable rates
    • What’s your favorite lens?
  • 8
    Ch 8 - Review and Assignments
    • Reviewing Focal Length and Camera Angle
    • Reviewing Depth of Field
  • 9
    Ch 9 - Next Steps
    • Finding the Prefect Lens
    • Next Steps
  • Lots of great examples, live shooting and easy-to-follow teaching. In this course, we work in the studio, outdoors and on multiple sets. All with the goal of providing you will clear and actionable education.

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