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    Learn how to edit your photos, import, organize and edit your photos, how to work more effectively so that you don't waste time but instead start achieving professional level results right away.

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    65 Movies
    24hr Online Access
    8+ Hours of Expert Instruction
    Hi Resolution Exercise Files
    Never Expires

  • Why this course?

    Over a decade ago I created and launched the first ever Lightroom training course. Since then, I have been working with thousands of students to help them achieve their photographic goals. I bring all that teaching experience to this course.

Course Table of Contents

17 Chapters / 65 Movies / 8+ Hours of Instruction

  • 1
    Let's Get Started
  • 2
    Importing Your Photos
    • Importing Photos from a Folder
    • Importing from a Camera or Media Card
    • How Does the Lightroom Catalog Work?
  • 3
    Viewing in the Library Module
    • Viewing your photos with the Grid and Loupe view
    • Using Lights out and Fullscreen view modes
    • Viewing multiple images at once
    • Customizing View Options
  • 4
    Review and Compare Your Photos
  • 5
    Using Collections
    • Creating a Collection to group images together
    • The Advantage of Collections
    • Collection house keeping
    • Using Smart and Targeted Collections
  • 6
    Develop Module Basics
    • Correcting Exposure Problems
    • Modifying Color
    • Changing contrast, texture and clarity
    • Increasing color with vibrance and saturation
    • Viewing before and after previews
    • Cropping your photographs FREE PREVIEW
  • 7
    Develop Module Advanced Tips
    • Apply Previous Settings to Current Image
    • Synchronizing adjustments to multiple images
    • Transform and synchronize settings
    • Transforming the image orientation
    • Fine tuning exposure problems
    • Expand your creativity with Virtual Copies
    • Creating better black and white landscapes
    • Creating better black and white portraits
    • Resetting the image
  • 8
    Fixing Your Photos
    • Learning how to use the Spot Removal Tool
    • Removing spots from dust on lens
    • Retouching away linear objects
    • Spot Healing Tips
    • Improving Portraits
    • Editing with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • 9
    Making Localized Corrections
    • Using the Radial filter to improve Eyes
    • Improving the light and color with the Radial filter
    • Painting in corrections with the Adjustment brush
    • Making gradual adjustments with the Graduated filter
  • 10
    Changing and Enhancing Color
    • Fine Tuning color with the HSL controls
    • Modify color with HSL
    • Creating a split toned image
  • 11
    Sharpening and Reducing Noise
    • Sharpening your photos
    • Reducing Digital Noise
    • Fixing an high ISO image
  • 12
    Correcting Distortion & Lens Issues
    • Lens Corrections
    • Correcting persepctive
    • Using the upright controls
    • Removing distortion
  • 13
    Adding Vignettes & Grain
    • Adding or removing lens vignetting
    • Creating a manual vignette
    • Creating a unique look with the film grain controls
  • 14
    Photo Projects: Pano, Book, Slideshow, Prints
    • Building a Pano image
    • Creating a book project
    • Making a slideshow
    • Printing your images
    • Printing a contact sheet
  • 15
    Exporting and Sharing Your Work
    • Exporting Photographs
    • Creating and Using Exporting Presets
  • 16
    Help with Common Problems
    • Finding Lost Images
    • Synchronizing a folder
    • Fixing Folders
  • 17
    Next Steps
    • 16-01-learn-next


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